Introducing : European Board Tournament 2017

Hello Fellow ! I'm Darroll, president of the French Board ! I'm here to introduce the 2017 european board tournament ! As france won last year it was our responsabillity to organise this year. So i'm looking for 1 person from your board to help us organise the tournament. Attention : this person won't be able to participate as a player. I'll give you all the instruction you need, you'll just have to make a translation and be sure everything is going ok for your country. English or french must be fully understand as i will communicate with you in one of these language. I'll let you know that we planned to make it happen on 12,13 and 19,20 August but the person would have to be available (can go on discord and write on the board) from now to the 20 august. Countries invited to the tournament: France • Deutschland • Italia • England • Espana Thank's for your help and reading ! Have a good day ! :)
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