Aurelion Sol?

Dopo aver letto il pensiero di Adpo's che riporterò qui sotto, vorrei maggiori informazioni (e non pareri) su questo champ. > Dice adpo's (rank 1 in korea) Aurelion Sol was the most broken champion in the game, after the nerf, he's still strong but manageable. "Here comes some hard cold facts" Any player that raised their elo significantly with Sol are boosted trash. The reason being is that when a good player and a bad player meets in lane, you can clearly see the bad player lose xp/cs and lose level over time, resulting in snowballing. But with Sol, a Bronze player can play the lane out easy against a CHALLENGER player. The real shitty thing with Sol comes from the fact that when this Challenger player knows this, so he tries to kill the boosted Sol early on and duel him, you lose. If you look at Sol Challengers they are all Sol OTPs, they are rotting in Plat and low Diamond, but then got up because of Sol. If you want some proof, go look at Sol OTP challengers, they are all above 60% winrate. If you are above 60% winrate, you need to be way higher in Challenger. This means you are either an alt or shitter that's got his rank boosted substantially because of Sol. Conisgli sul champ? aiuti? Condividete quanto detto? (traducete su google se non capite ahah)
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