IL LOL DIZIONARIO DEI LIMITI COMPORTAMENTALI * **TROL** A troll is indeed someone that acts against your will with the sole purpose of making you angry. That would be the most correct definition even though most players use it randomly to show disagreement. ... Because Trolling dont "MEAN" anything. it MEANS something. -_- * **NOOB **The world noob actually means a begginer or someone relaitively new to something. We are all noobs to this game except for those pro gaming. An example sentence: You are very noob to the internet. To many of you this would feel like an insult but the real meaning is this: you are very new to the internet. * **WTF **Usage notes or as an interjection: WTF! That's a load of bull! (what the %%%%): WTF is s%%%%imes spelled or written out in the NATO phonetic alphabet: whiskey tango foxtrot. (what the %%%%): WTF is n%%%%sually considered as offensive as the full expression what the %%%%. %%%%ULTATO .... IL TUO LIVELLO ONORE SCENDE A ZERO SE LO SCRIVI _____________ * INTING suicidarsi in partita o lasciare crepare letteralmente i compagni. sE SI FORTUNATO VINCI UN BANN DI 14 giorni ... SE PROPRIO TI SUICIDAVI... RESTI IN GAME SE FACEVI MORIRE I COMPAGNI SCAPPANDO FULL LIFE INVECE DI POKARE I NEMICI...NELL ENGAGE CHE ERA TUO... * "i HOPE YOU MOTHER GET CANCER AND DIE" .. normale comunicazione... niente da recriminare..... giusto RIOT? edit: moderato da beppedessi per Name&Shame
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